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How to Choose Transport Refrigeration Units with Best Cooling System

Dec 22, 2016
Question: When you buy transport refrigeration units, how do you know what kind of the units has the best cooling performance?
Answer: The big heat exchange rate matters a lot to the big cooling system.

In the advanced technology of transport refrigeration units, the internal ridge copper tube and hydraulic aluminum foil are the two main parts in increasing heat exchange rate.

The evaporator matters a lot to the heat exchange, it means that a high quality transport refrigeration units’ evaporator determines the high performance of cooling effect, so integrate these two parts into evaporator is an important step.

So what advantages when integrate internal ridge copper tube and hydraulic aluminum foil into evaporator?

1. Increase heat exchange by 20%

With the internal ridge copper tube in evaporator, it can accelerate refrigerant flow and heat dissipation, so the heat exchange can be increased by 20%.

2. Not frozen in evaporator

With the hydrophilic aluminum foil in truck refrigeration unit's evaporator, water drops can be down along the channel, so the water will not gather together in evaporator to be frozen and to block heat exchange.

3. Anti-corrosion

Copper tube has the advantages of anti-corrosion, lightweight, solid and cold-resistant, so when this material is used for evaporators, the transport refrigeration units will have the high quality performance.

So Guchen Thermo’s transport refrigeration units’ evaporators adopt hydraulic aluminum foil with internal ridge copper tube in order to increase our products competitiveness.
guchen transport refrigeration units evaporator internal
HHOTO: Guchen Transport Refrigeration Unit Evaporator Internal Structure
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