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How to Choose Right Truck Cab Air Conditioner or Rooftop AC for Van?

Nov 19, 2018

A Guide to Sleeper Cabin Air Conditioners

For truck drivers, a comfortable environment can ensure their safe on the job, and one of important thing for comfortable is much dependent on the ambient temperature inside the truck cabin. So choose a reliable truck cab air conditioner is very important. Here Guchen Industry has many different models for truck drivers to choose.

Ecooler 2400/3200 Model

sleeper cab air conditioners Very hot sale models, it is roof mounted air conditioning units for trucks and integrated air conditioning system suitable for all brands of trucks, including Kenworth, Western Star, Freightliner, Mack and Volvo. 2400W or 3200W cooling capacity are available, 12v or 24v battery powered, save fuel and especially designed for the truck sleepers at night.

Airpro 2000 Model
sleeper cab air conditioners  airpro 2000It is split mounted air conditioners, designed for the semi-trucks or semi-trailers, condenser back wall mounted, and cooling capacity is 1600W, 12V or 24V battery powered, easy to install. 

Airpro 4000 Model

sleeper cab air conditioners  airpro 4000Large cooling capacity, 3500W (12000BTU), roof top mounted,24v battery powered, usually used for the mini vans or large truck cab.

GC-03 and GC-04 Model

sleeper cab air conditioners GC-04 and GC-04 model is diesel powered integrated air conditioning system for all kinds of truck cabins, especially used for the mining trucks, tractors or other special truck that have a bad working condition, it is good performance in anti-shock.

Tip:For minibus diesel powered van air conditioners, see our GC-8C (12KW cooling capacity) or GC-10E (10KW cooling capacity)

The above are some popular models of Guchen Industry truck cabin air conditioners, no matter battery powered or diesel powered, roof top integrated mounted or split mounted, cooling capacity for truck cabin or mini van, you can always find the solutions for the truck cab in Guchen Industry.

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