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World New Trend: New Energy All Electric Bus Air Conditioners for "Green Bus"

Sep 12, 2017
Everyday people have to face to the fuel consumption when you drive a car or take a bus, which makes the communication cost increasing day and day. So more and more countries realize that the importance of "green life", some governments encourage to use all electric vehicles, for example, the all electric buses.

Accordingly, humans to pursue wonderful life’s dream never stopped, and so do Guchen Industry's dream to make you feel greater comfort on road has never stopped, either.

Guchen has committed itself to becoming an expert on transport HVAC climate with reliable, comfortable and energy saving. So today, we will introduce our full electric air conditioners for the new energy buses or trolleybus.

es-04 all electric bus air conditioners
PHOTO: Here is the ES-04 series all electric bus air conditioners mount on ZhengZhou City, China inner city 7 meter length buses project, with its big cooling capacity, it transports ZhengZhou so many people!

Features of Guchen ES series All Electric Bus Air Conditioners 

◆ Use DC 400V - 720V Voltage
◆  Adopt the inverted electric compressors 
◆ Consistently cool, energy efficiency and comfort
◆ Light weight: reduce weight by more than 40%
◆ Protection Devices for safe driving 

Choose the Suitable Models of Guchen All Electric Bus Air Conditioners

Guchen all electric bus air conditioners are used for 6-12 meter city buses, use the best materials and world famous spare parts. According to different bus length, please choose the suitable cooling capacity air conditioners for bus. 

Click to refer to all models of Guchen All Electric Bus Air Conditioners
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