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Technical features of the electric truck air conditioning system

Apr 16, 2018

In traditional internal-combustion engine vehicles, air-conditioning compressors, fans, etc., require the engine to provide driving force, relying on the transmission belt to directly provide power for the compressor, and rely on generators or vehicle-mounted power batteries to provide energy for wind turbines and other electrical components.

Guchen Thermo industry as the leading manufacturer and supplier of bus air conditioners in China always keep our mind to people’s needs and comfortable driving environment. Our full electric bus air conditioners are our first new energy products to the world. Of course, equip with it, we also considered the customers demands to bus air conditioning parts --- GC-EVS series electric ac compressor for bus

Compared with this, the electric automobile air conditioning system has the following characteristics:

I. In the commercial vehicle air conditioner, it is possible to realize the cooling and heating functions independently by the air conditioner itself.
The GC-EVS electric bus ac compressors included in EVS24C or EVS34C models, used for the full electric bus air conditioners, usually one electric bus air conditioner need to install two electric ac compressors. 
II. The cooling output can be automatically adjusted according to the change of the heat load in the compartment to meet the requirements of saving energy and reducing consumption.
III. The compressor is directly driven by electricity. For an electric truck, the power mechanism is no longer located in the engine compartment. The entire system can be integrated and designed on the roof.
Let’s take Guchen ES series full electric bus air conditioner as an example, one ac units need to install two bus air compressors, one installs on the front and the other one install on the back to compose of the double air conditioning system.

electric bus ac compressors

IV. The electric air conditioning system replaces the traditional mechanical transmission compressor with an inverter-driven electric integrated compressor; due to the elimination of the cooling system, electric heaters will be used for winter heating.
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