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Maintenance of Bus Air Conditioning Refrigeration System

Dec 09, 2015
Maintenance is through regular cleaning checking and adjustment of automotive air conditioning system, in order to maintain the best working state, prolong the service life. There are following steps need to follow:

● Keep condenser clean

Clean the surface of condenser is in order to avoid condenser's pressures elevated and overtemperature, by bad heat of condenser and refrigeration capacity decline and so on.
Note: Do not knock the cooling fin or damage the refrigeration, pipes during the cleaning process. One season one time.

bus air conditioning

● Keep air supply channels clean

The vehicle into the vehicle should be trough the air inlet filter, so should be checked and cleaned frequently. Once a month.

● Cleaning of the evaporator

Take down the fan or protect fan with plastic sheeting, protect electric control box and return air mouth with plastic sheeting, prevent water from entering the truck, rinse evaporator with water cannons and clean sundries in the evaporator. One month one time.

● Watch from the liquid mirror and check if refrigerating fluid is enough or not. If the liquid level is clear without steam bubbles or the steam bubbles appear occasionally, the refrigerant is sufficient. A lot of steam bubbles indicate lack of refrigerant and should continue to inject. One season one time.

● Often check each pipe joint of the refrigeration system and the connection part of bolts, screws are loose, the phenomenon of the touch each other, the parts whether hose aging, vibration isolation pads fall off if cargo damage.

● When the air conditioning working, pay attention whether there is ringing vibration and abnormal smell, if so, stop using and deliver the professional staff to check and repair it.

bus air conditioning

Compressor lubricant

First run air conditioning for 20 minutes, then stop, check the oil level height from the compressor observation window, for oil level height not less than 1/4 of observation window, otherwise you need to add. At the same time observe the color of the compressor oil, such as a dark cloudy compressor oil has been bad, need to change. One month one time.

● Compressor shaft seal

Observe the compressor shaft seal, in the event of a large number of wetting agent, need to further confirm whether the shaft seal has leakage, there is a small amount of the dry soil belongs to the normal phenomenon of lubrication. Once a month.

● Compressor belt

Use assortments of tight round, about 40 kilograms force, tension is about 8 to 10 mm. Once a month
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