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Shanghai Cooperation Organization (SCO) Council and Bus Service Reception

Dec 15, 2015

From 14-15th, Dec, 2015, 14th Prime Ministers' Meeting of SCO (Shanghai Cooperation Organization) member states 2015 is holding in Zhengzhou city now. Zhengzhou, the capital of Henan province and one of China main railroad junctions .
The meeting on Monday and Tuesday in Zhengdong New District (CBD Area)An eastern suburb of Zhengzhou, will witness the signing of resolutions and deals against the backdrop of economic pressure and terrorism threats.
Security and economic cooperation are often regarded as the two "wheels" of the SCO, which groups China, Russia, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Tajikistan and Uzbekistan,
On this council, Yutong company will offer coach for the bus service reception, following is Yutong ZK6129 bus.

yutong bus

As cooperative partner of Yutong company, Guchen would like to show you more informations of our bus air conditioner, so you will know how the air conditioner work for the SCO.
This 12 meter bus use the BD-06 bus air conditioner, it is rooftop model , cooling capicty is about 37kw, heating fuction is optional. Following is BD-06 bus air conditioner model 

BD-06 bus air conditioner model
BD-06 rooftop mounted bus air conditioner is designed for 10-12 meter city bus or 11-13 meter coach (maximum ambient temperature 50 ℃) , the compressor is powered by vehicle engine and bus air conditioning system is powered by independent alternator. As the bus air conditioning manufacturer in China, providing options tailored according to your actual requirement. BD-06 Bus Air Conditioner is famous in Mid East, South America, Europe, South Africa and Asia.

BD-06 bus air conditionerBD-06 bus air conditioner model

More information, please view BD-06 Bus Air Conditioner

As a famous brand Yutong, will offer 15pcs High-end commercial vehicles T7 to service this council.There is some England style Double Deck sightseeing buses running on the CBD area. This bus’s driver cabin is 360 degree sightseeing design; with 54 seats, all the seats has the handrail; On the second floor, all the seats has the safty belts, ect.

This bus use GZHD-08 bus air conditioner. GZHD-08 rear-mounted double decker bus air conditioner has a high refrigerating capacity, which is adapted to a variety of 10-13.7 meter double decker buses under the standard conditions, it widely applied for double decker tour bus, double decker rv, two-deck school bus, double deck city bus, two-layer public buses. Following are detailed picture:

GZHD-08 rear-mounted double decker bus air conditioner
GZHD-08 rear-mounted double decker bus air conditioner

More information pls view GZHD-08 bus air conditioner

Some photos and informations are from Internet, if you have any question or doubt, pls feel free to contact us.
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