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Rooftop Ecooler 2400 Electric HVAC System Shipped to Europe

Mar 31, 2020

One of Guchen Industry's European customer was looking for a 12v A/C for his farm tractor. After knowing more about his detailed requirements, Guchen recommended the Ecooler 2400 electric air conditioner, and it was shipped to Europe in January, 2020. The Eco-friendly rooftop air conditioning unit has earned great popularity in Europe market with its innovative design and quality materials. Also, the European consumer's very satisfied with Ecooler 2400 unit, and gave Guchen a feedback that the electric air conditioning unit works reliably and effectively in tough operating environments on farms. What an inspiring news!
electric air conditioner Ecooler 2400
12 volt Ecooler 2400 rooftop air conditioning unit is the best choice for agricultural vehicles like earth moving equipment, farm tractors, heavy plant machinery, combine harvesters etc. It is the best selling in cab air conditioner that is driven by battery power (12 volt or 24 volt available).
If you are interested in engine driven in cab air conditioner, please click to read more info.
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