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Guchen Ecooler 2400 Exported to Qatar

Nov 16, 2020
Over the past three decades, temperature increases in Qatar have been accelerating. Qatar has already been one of the hottest places on Earth. If there is no air conditioning in the vehicles, truck drivers will suffer badly during the hot summer day with a temperature of 40-50C.
12v DC air conditioner for truck cabin

Our Qatar guest bought one set of Guchen Ecooler 2400 for its truck sleeper cab. It is really a must for long-distance truck transportation. Ecooler 2400 unit is a DC12V air conditioner for truck cabins. The exact technical date of the Ecooler 2400 is as below:
Model No. Ecooler2400
Rated Voltage DC12V
Compressor Max. Cooling Capacity 2400W
Rated Cooling Input Power 780W
Rated Cooling Current 55A
Max. Suction Pressure 0.4MPa
Max. Discharge Pressure 1.7MPa
Refrigerant/Weight R134a/410g
Manufacturer Guchen Industry

12v truck cab air conditioner to Qatar
Ecooler2400 unit is with super slim evaporator. It can be easily mounted in the roof hatch of the truck. The temperature can be adjusted manually or by remote control. Guchen Ecooler2400 A/C unit improves every day comfort of use of the sleeping cabin. The compact air conditioning unit is most favored by our Qatar customers.
Ecooler 2400 12v air conditioner to Qatar
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