Customer Case for Reference: 12 Volt Air Conditioner Mount on Excavator


For the DC powered Electric air conditioner, Guchen Airpro series roof top units can be installed on the truck cab, construction machine, tractors… operate with the 12V/24V voltage.

On July, our customer Mr. Troy, from USA bought 10 sets of Airpro 3000 12 volt truck cab air conditioner for his excavators.

Customer Information

Name: Mr. Troy

Company: Dealer

Purchase: 10 sets 12 Volt truck cab air conditioner

Model: Airpro 3000 DC Powered Truck Air Conditioner (12V)

Application: Install on the excavator

Local environment Temp.: Around 38°

Export to:
A Dealer Company in USA

Feedback: This Airpro3000 truck roof top air conditioner has compact structure, small size and light weight, so it is very suitable for my excavator and it also saves fuels a lot.
As for the noise, I rarely hear the noise, which I feel so comfortable in it.
With its big cooling capacity, the temperature in cab is cooled down quickly.

truck cab air conditioner in excavator

Photo: truck cab air conditioner in excavator 

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