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Ecooler 3200 Electric Air Conditioner for Van Export to Panama |Guchen Industry

Jul 02, 2018
Panama is located on the Isthmus of Panama in Central America, with Colombia to the east, the Pacific Ocean to the south, Costa Rica to the west and the Caribbean Sea to the north. Near the equator in Panama, the climate is hot and dry, our customer from Panama ordered one set of Ecooler 3200 Electric Air Conditioner and installed on his van, and he is very satisfied with it.

Guchen Ecooler 3200 air conditioner applies on the small RV (or vans), it connect 24 volt DC powered battery, and 3200W cooling capacity,  the condenser is on the roof top of RV, evaporator is in the inner side of RV for blowing cool air. Another advantage is that it is very easy to install for electric air conditioners, so customers can install it quickly and easily. 

Our client later feedback that: “the Ecooler 3200 electric air conditioner for van cooling capacity is huge, no noise and big cooling capacity, easy to install, good after-sales service, and cheap price”.
ecooler3200 12v truck ac
Photo: Guchen Ecooler 3200 Electric Air Conditioners for Van Installation 

Guchen Ecooler air conditioners include Ecooler 2400 and Ecooler 3200, their cooling capacity is 2400W and 3200W respectively. Both are integrated (one-piece) rooftop mounted, DC powered 12 volt or 24 volt, R134a Eco-friendly refrigerant. It usually applies on:
▲ All kinds of truck cabins
▲ Mining trucks
▲ Construction machinery, such as excavators
▲ RV, vans, minibus  
▲ Agricultural machineries, tractors 

Ecooler 2400 Electric Air Conditioners for Van

We not only supply the bus air conditioner, but also can help customers solve the truck HVAC problems. We designed our Airpro series and Ecooler series air conditioners for truck cabin. Now, we are looking for small electric air conditioning agents. If you are engaged in truck repairs, auto aftermarket repairs or other brands of air conditioning dealers, please contact us to become our agent.
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