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Guchen Air Conditioning Units for Excavators Deliver to Mexico Heavy Duty Truck Company

Jan 20, 2017

On January, 20, 2017, Guchen E-cooler 2400 24 volt excavator air conditioners arrived in Mexico. Guchen customer, Mr. Aaron as a heavy duty truck rental company from Mexico is very satisfied with this model of air conditioner.

As for now, Mr. Aaron has only ordered 1 sample products for testing, and in the 2017, he will plan to mount electric air conditioners for all of their heavy duty trucks!

Consumer Name: Mr. Aaron

Country: Mexico

Working Field: Heavy Duty Truck Rental Company

Order Products: Ecooler 2400 Air Conditioning Units for Excavators

Order Quantity: 1 sample product

Guchen industry air conditioning units for excavators
PHOTO: E-cooler 2400  Air Conditioning Units for Excavators Installation Pictures from Mr. Aaron 

Feedbacks: After Guchen air conditioners delivered to Mexico, Mr. Aaron’s company workers installed it easily and quickly. Mr. Aaron said that, because of it is DC powered air conditioners, so it is very simple to install, just need to connect some wires, then the airocn is Ok to work!

Besides that, this 24 volt excavators air conditioners can resist their local high ambient temperature, even the ambient temperature is up to 40℃+, the electric air conditioners blow very big cool air, which can increase their operators working efficiency a lot!

Product characteristics: Guchen E-cooler 2400 12 volt air conditioner for trucks (or 24 volt) are very suitable for heavy duty equipment, such as excavators, cranes, mining trucks… because of its big cooling capacity, anti-vibration, dust proof performance, so recently, this models E-cooler 2400 air conditioners are very hot sale and popular with the heavy duty trucks company!

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