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Commercial Vehicle Refrigeration Units Export to Africa and Europe

Apr 09, 2018

Guchen Thermo vehicle refrigeration system include C-200T, TR-110D, TR-200T and so on. We design vehicle freezer unit for cargo vans. Not only help customers save fuel consumption, but also reduce the transport cost. 

The C series transport refrigeration system in Guchen Thermo is vehicle chiller units, such as C-200T, it is especially designed for delivering fresh cargoes such as beverage, yoghourt, vegetables and fruits. With R134A refrigerant, the temperature range is -5℃ to +30℃, which has the advantages of quick freezing, low system pressure and protect compressor.
As for the TR-110D vehicle chiller units, it is electric van refrigeration unit, DC powered 12v or 24v, get much popular in European customers. When the engine is off, then customers can use the transformer (AC Power Switch) to change AC main power into DC12V or 24V, one side connect van reefer unit, and the other side connects 240V/380V external power source. 
With R404a refrigerant, Guchen Thermo TR series rooftop van refrigeration units can be installed in 5~25m³ van box for chilling flowers or freezing fish and meat, operate on 12V/24V vehicles, direct engine driven. TR-200T vehicle freezer unit temperature range can vary from -18℃ to +30℃, so it can completely meet my demand to chill flowers on the transportation. 

Commercial Vehicle Refrigeration Units
Commercial Vehicle Refrigeration Units Export to Africa and Europe|Guchen Thermo
If you are working in the related business, such as refrigeration maintenance, repair and sell, business of truck bodies manufacturer, other brands of truck refrigeration unit or van refrigeration and cold chain logistics, we welcome you to contact us for dealership matters, and we would like to help you in this business. For the more details, you can send email to us. 
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