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Van Refrigeration Unit (rooftop) Export to Africa and Europe

Apr 28, 2016

With R404a refrigerant, Guchen TR series rooftop van refrigeration units can be installed in 5~25m³ van box for chilling or freezing goods, operate on 12V/24V vehicles, direct engine driven.

In 2016, two clients from Africa and Europe buying TR-180T van refrigeration units and TR-200T van refrigeration units.


Case 1: 20 sets TR-180T Van Refrigeration Unit Export to Africa

Customer resume

Name: Mr. Louris Munisamy

Company: body builder

Purchase: 20 sets TR-180T Van Refrigeration Unit

Application: 2m³insulated van box, transporting frozen meat and fish

Temp. Requirement: -18C

Feedbacks: This TR-180T has compact structure, small size and light weight, so it is very suitable for my small van box and saves fuels a lot, greatly reducing my transport cost, What’s more, temperature freezing down quickly.

tr-180t van refrigeration unit
PHOTO:TR-180T Van Refrigeration Units


Case 2: 50 sets TR-200T Van Refrigeration Unit to Europe

Customer resume

Mr. James Jordan

Company: Dealer

Purchase: 50 sets TR-200T Van Refrigeration Unit

Application: 13m³ insulated van box, transporting flowers

Temp. Requirement: 0C~+4C

Feedbacks: I use it to transport flowers, so I need a high requirement to the refrigeration units. With the help of Guchen’s sales staff, the van refrigeration unit, TR-200T temperature range can vary from -18℃ to +30℃, so it can completely meet my demand to chill flowers on the transportation.

tr-200t van chiller unit
PHOTO: TR-200T Van Refrigeration Units

Guchen Van Refrigeration Units Advantage:

√ Streamlined and elegant outlook, compatible to van roof, making your vehicle unique scenery in the city;
√ Reliable quality- maintenance cost saving
√ Easy for install - labor cost saving
√ Low cost - keep maximum profit for you
√ With defrosting and heating- keeps the unit running anytime, anywhere.
√ Optional models: TR-200T, TR-300T, TR-350T
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