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Meat Transport Company buys Guchen’s Truck Transport Refrigeration Unit

Apr 13, 2016
On July, 2015, our client named Mr. Daniel as a purchasing agent in a meat transport company from Central America, buys 3 diesel engines driven truck transport refrigeration units. They use these units to frozen and chill pork on the transport.

Purchase: 3 sets of meat truck transport refrigeration unit (Powered Diesel Engine)

Model: TS-1000 independent Truck Refrigeration Unit (Stand by system)
TS-1000 truck refrigeration units truck refrigeration unis installation 
PHOTO: Truck Refrigeration Units Installed on the Trucks

Truck Transport Refrigeration Units Application:
The unit is used in cold chain transportation for meat. Mr. Daniel mounted it on 45m meat refrigerated truck bodies. Their company belongs to long-distance transport Meat Company, usually, they need 2 days transport on the way, so their company require to frozen pork for 2 days, and then need to chill pork in 8℃ conditions for keeping pork fresh.

Feedbacks from Our Client:
  1. Mr. Daniel said that Guchen's TS-1000 meat truck refrigeration unit is more affordable than other world-renowned brands, but it has the same performance as world-renowned brands.
  2. Mr. Daniel knows Guchen industry from his friends,  "lots of my friends told me that Guchen's meat truck refrigeration unit has more stable performance and very lower failure rate. So they are not worried that the    engine stopping working on the way.” Mr. Daniel said.
  3. "My company usually needs 2 days to transport meat; it is long-distance cold chain transportation, so the in-cab remote display and control system can let our drivers control temperature very conveniently!”
  4. When Mr. Daniel’s company uses this unit for three weeks, he found that it has low noise, low emission and low vibration level in his refrigerated truck.
  5. With the stand by operation (when allowed), (he uses AC220V/3Ph/60Hz) it’s easy to command an electric engine to move the compressor, so it decrease the handling charges. 

Why Choose TS Series of Truck Refrigeration Units:
  • Powered diesel engine, long-distance cold chain transport.
  • Standby system, keep cooling when refrigerated truck stops working on the way.
  • Hot sales in last half year of 2015, export more than 50 sets of units in South America including Brazil and Argentina.
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