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Truck Refrigeration Units Export to Bangladesh

Jun 14, 2016
May, 2016. We exported 4 sets of refrigerator units to Bangladesh.

Our client Mr. Zaman is very luck to seize our big promotion of May. It only takes 600USD for each of the units on May!

truck reefer units
Purchase: 4 sets of refrigerated units for trucks   

Model: F300 Truck Refrigeration Units

Installation: split front mounted truck reefer units

Refrigerated truck box size: 3000*1800*1800mm

Requirement temperature: -20℃

Transporting products: seafood, frozen foods

Guchen's F300 refrigeration units for truck is an old type of units, which are suitable for small refrigerated truck body with 15m³~25m³. Keep your goods fresh, frozen and deep frozen...

F300 reefer units are powered by the vehicle engine directly, fuel saving, cost saving, environmental and high efficiency.

F-300 Truck Refrigeration Units are on the Promotion on May

Guchen’s F300 truck refrigeration units’ prices are only for USD600 during the time of promotion.

So Mr. Zaman seized this promotion chance to get his 4 sets of truck reefer units.

Tips: This promotion is only for May, 2016. Please pay attention on our website for next promotion.

Truck Refrigeration Units Feedbacks from Mr. Zaman

“Good truck refrigeration units system, with its great working performance.”

“What's more, under the instruction of installation manual, it is easy for me to install it in my refrigerated trucks.”

“with my required temperature, -20℃, my frozen sea food can keep frozen on the road to my customers! Low noise and big cooling capacity let me enjoy the quite on the road and let my goods keep fresh even though I loading and uploading goods frequently!”

 Installation of F300 Refrigerated Units for Trucks

Photo: Installation of F300 Refrigerated Units for Trucks

F300 Refrigerated units control panel

Photo: F300 Refrigerated units control panel

F300 Refrigerated Units for Trucks Specification

Model F300  F300 Refrigerated units
Container temperature -20℃~+25℃ (Frozen)
Cooling capacity (T=38℃) 1600W (-20℃)
5460Btu (-20℃)
Heating Function Optional
Heating capacity (T=0℃) F300H-1450W (T=12℃)
Container volume 6~12m³ (0℃, “K” value ≤ 0.4W/㎡*℃)
6~12m³ (-18℃, “K” value ≤ 0.3W/㎡*℃)
Voltage & Total Current DC12V(25A); DC24V(15A)
Compressor SD5S14 (138c/r)
Refrigerant & Volume R404A / 1.7~1.8Kg
Evaporator Dimension 550×695×165mm
Condenser Dimension 924×430×259mm

The Packing of F-300 Refrigeration Units for Trucks

The Packing of F300 Refrigeration Units for Trucks

Photo: The Packing of F300 Refrigeration Units for Trucks
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