TR-550 and TR-350 Truck Refrigeration Units Export to Peru Market.


Because the climate in Peru is mild , the economic development is rapid , so the cold chain industry in Peru develops rapidly. Our customer buy 5 sets of TR-550 truck refrigeration units installed on Mitsubishi Fuso truck which is 25m³in size, and 5 sets of TR-350 truck refrigeration units installed on 19m³ truck used to transport food. The customer is from the local transportation company so he has the ability to install the unit by himself.

After running TR-550 truck refrigeration units and TR-350 truck refrigeration units in Peru for some time, the customer feedback that the reefer unit for truck is easy to install, and its cooling rate is very large, and the refrigeration effect is good. So, he hopes to continue to cooperate with Guchen Thermo in the future.

Guchen Thermo truck refrigeration units sell well locally, the refrigeration capacity is large , the product quality is high , and the price is also reasonable , Guchen Thermo also have local dealer, we can provide installation, maintenance and other after-sales service for terminal customers.

Photo:Truck Refrigeration Units Export to Peru Market.

Guchen Thermo is currently expanding the scope of business, we hope to find more partners to be our agents, welcome the people who work in the vehicle Refitting Factory, cold chain transportation company, frozen food factory, truck compartment factory to become our agents, and provide after-sales service such as maintenance and installation for local terminal customers., more detailed information, welcome them send mail to

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