TS-1000 Truck Refrigeration Units Export to Thailand.


Mr. Kumwongsa is a customer from Thailand, he bought TS-1000 truck refrigeration units from Guchen Thermo, and TS-1000 box truck refrigeration unit can be used in the refrigerated box of 45~55m3. The temperature ranges from -25℃ to +30℃, used for deliver deep frozen ,frozen or fresh cargoes, meet different demands of transportation. 

Mr.Kumwongsa is the owner of a local vehicle modification plant which produce small refrigerated units. He installed maintenance refrigeration units for local customers. Because the local price of refrigeration units is too high, so he find Guchen Thermo and buy the TS-1000 truck refrigeration system, and he feedback that the TS-1000 truck reefer system refrigeration effect is very good, and the refrigerating capacity is also very big.

Currently, Mr. Kumwongsa has become Guchen Thermo's local distributor in Thailand, and he can provide installation and maintenance services for local customers.

Photo:TS-1000 Truck Refrigeration System Export to Thailand

Guchen Thermo is currently expanding the scope of business, we hope to find more partners to be our agents, welcome the people who work in the vehicle Refitting Factory, cold chain transportation company, frozen food factory, truck compartment factory to become our agents, and provide after-sales service such as maintenance and installation for local terminal customers., more detailed information, welcome them send mail to info@guchenthermo.com.



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