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Guchen Thermo TS-1000 Truck Refrigeration Units Export to Israel.

Mar 24, 2018

Mr.Ziv is an agency in Israel, considering the high temperature in Israel, we help him select the high temperature model TR-650 truck refrigeration unit and the TS-1000 independent truck refrigeration unit .

TS-1000 truck refrigeration units are the independent units, and the diesel engine truck refrigeration unit suitable for long distance refrigerated transportation, and truck cooler refrigeration unit has its own independent refrigeration system, even if the truck engine does not work, truck cooler refrigeration unit can still be cooled.
TS-1000 box truck refrigeration unit can be used in the refrigerated box of 35~55m³. The temperature ranges from -30℃ to +30℃, used for deliver deep frozen ,frozen or fresh cargoes, meet different demands of transportation. Even if the temperature in the local environment is over 50 degrees, TS-1000 Refrigeration Unit can still quickly pull the temperature of the car to minus 30 degrees Celsius, and because the CPR valve and injection valve has been added inside the unit to protect the compressor, therefore, at high temperature, it is safer to use TS-1000 truck refrigeration units and prolong the life of the units.

TS-1000 independent truck refrigeration unit

Photo:TS-1000 Truck Refrigeration Units Export to Israel.
Drawing on the professional experience and the installation drawings provided by Guchen Thermo, Mr.Ziv successfully installed the TS-1000 truck refrigeration units, and he think there will be more cooperation with Guchen Thermo in the later period.
Guchen Thermo is currently expanding the scope of business, we hope to find more partners to be our agents, welcome the people who work in the vehicle Refitting Factory, cold chain transportation company, frozen food factory, truck compartment factory to become our agents, and provide after-sales service such as maintenance and installation for local terminal customers., more detailed information, welcome them send mail to
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