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Romania All-Electric Bus Order in 2020

Oct 20, 2020
Compared with traditional buses, Electric buses offer more value propositions to states and urban cities. They are quieter, more environment-friendly, energy efficient and comfortable with modern climate control systems.

16 Air-conditioned E-buses Order in Craiova, Romania

The Romanian city Craiova has ordered 16 18m air-conditioned electric buses from Solaris Bus & Coach(Solaris Urbino 18 Electric). The vehicles are to be delivered in July 2021 at the latest, together with charging infrastructure which includes four fast-charging pantograph stations, sixteen plug connectors . The 18m electric buses are mainly driven by a 240KW central motor.
trollybus order in Romania

The Solaris buses are equipped with
1) all-electric air conditioning system in both driver’s cabin and passenger compartment,
2) top quality ventilation system with dual-function fans,
3) WiFi,
4) USB charging ports,
5) Several camera monitor systems; All the designs improve passengers’ safety and travel comfort.
According to Solaris, the contract value is about €12 million. It’s the first-time purchase of e-buses in Craiova. The investment in the emission-free city buses will benefit to life comfort, public health and the economy. It will greatly improve the air quality in Craiova.

20 12-meter New Trolleybuses Order in Ploiesti, Romania

Solaris Bus & Coach, the polish manufacturer, has signed a contract with the Romanian city of Ploiesti for the supply of twenty Solaris Trollino 12 trolleybuses for delivery within 2 years from the signing date. The total value of the 20 electric buses contract exceeds 8.2 million euros.
The ordered Trollino 12 will be the first 20 pure-electric, 100% emissions-free e-buses from Solaris for Ploiesti. Motor power of the new Trollino 12 trolleybuses is 160 kW.
Features of Solaris Trollino 12:
◆ fitted with 35 seats,
◆ low-floor,
◆ kneeling function,
◆ having cost-effective bus air conditioning of the passenger compartment (air conditioning systems should be mounted on buses to provide traveller comfortable transport conditions during hot summer and cold winter days),
high volt electric AC compressor (ensuring the steady operation of the bus AC system),
◆ a set of video surveillance system cameras,
◆ passenger information systems,
◆ closed driver’s cabins, minimizing direct contact with other passengers during the epidemic;
The city’s investment in pure-electric bus will greatly improve the public transport conditions in Ploiesti. It represents a continuation of environmentally friendly trend in the city of Ploiesti.

26 Solaris Trolleybuses to Brașov, Romania

Brasov will be the first city in Romania with 100% electric public transport fleet. At present, Solaris Bus & Coach is completing the delivery of 26 articulated trolleybuses to Brasov. In addition to the 26 vehicles, another 55 new-energy buses are in different stages of acquisition, separately being 10 hybrid buses, 12 electric buses, another 25 Solaris trolleybuses and 8 SOR electric buses. In the near future, the public transit system in Brasov will fully consist of fully environmentally-friendly transport.
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