What is The Difference Between PFD-VII and BFFD-06 Bus A/C


PFD-VII bus A/C VS BFFD-06 Bus Airconditioning

PFD-VII bus A/C and BFFD-06 bus A/C are all mainly used for 10-12 meter city bus or 11-13 meter coach, their cooling capacity are all up to 37.2 KW or 32,000 Kcal/h, 127,000 BTU, their refrigerant all use R 134a, original imported Bock 40 655K compressor, they are all based on rooftop mounted bus air conditioner, but what is the difference between PFD-VII bus air conditioning and BFFD-06 bus air conditioning? In this article, Guchen industry's technical engineers will introduce it to you in detail.
 BFFD-06 Rooftop Mounted Bus Air Conditioning dimension
Difference Between PFD-VII and BFFD-06 Bus Air Conditioner
PFD-VII rooftop air conditioner for bus using Micro-channel Heat Exchanger, it is refer to Multi-flow condenser (MFC).
BFFD-06 rooftop air conditioner for bus using cooper tube and fin type heat exchanger, it is refer to Copper and fin Condenser (CFC).
PFD-VII bus air conditioning adopts Multi-Flow-Condenser, increasing 30% heat exchange efficiency than BFFD-06 bus air conditioning, smaller volume and higher performance. BFFD-06 bus A/C adopts CFC with more stable cooling performance and widely use. But what is advantage and weakness between Multi-Flow Condenser and Copper and Fin Condenser?
Advantage and Weakness Between PFD-06 and BFFD-VII Bus Air Conditioning
Here also need to clear the features of our PFD series and BFFD series bus air conditioning for your choosing in the future orders from customers: (This is also suitable for all PFD series and BFFD series bus air conditioning )
PFD-VII Rooftop Mounted Bus A/C (Multi-Flow-Condenser):
1. Increasing 30% heat exchange efficiency than BFFD-06 Bus A/C
2. Less weight than BFFD-06 Bus airconditioner
3. Less refrigerant charge than BFFD-6 Bus A/C
4. Pouplar technology of Thermoking, Spheros, etc. Will be the common using in future production of bus A/C.
Not recommended for the seaside cities due to the salt corrosion, though we have the first class anti-corrosion technology than other manufacturers.
1. Stable and Qualified technology for the bus A/C coil
2. Common using by bus manufacturers
3. Widely use for different environment.
1. Heavy than PFD-VII bus A/C, not suitable for Euro market due to the requirement of improved emission standard of Euro V, Euro VI.
2. More refrigerant charge than PFD bus A/C, it need 13.5 KG R304a refrigerant than 13KG refrigerant of PFD-VII bus airconditioning.

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