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Five Points Using Transport Van Refrigeration Units

May 14, 2015

This passage,  written by Guchen's technical engineer,  will introduce some easily neglected points in the cold chain logistics transport process of refrigerated & frozen foods so as to help customers avoiding unnecessary troubles in the process of transport and extend the long lifetime of refrigeration units and insulated van body, as follows:

refrigeration units for fresh produced by guchen industry
1. Refrigerated van body should be kept clean
Transportation carriers refrigerated goods should be kept clean. Like salt, fat and other materials attaching to the inside wall or van door, they not only make pollution and corrosion, but also shorten the life of transport refrigerated body and transport van refrigeration units. Therefore, please pay high attention to keeping the refrigerated vans clean.
Due to the function of evaporator fan, air is cycling in vans and this leads to peel or dirt inhalation. After a long time, a lot of impurities will attach in the evaporator through the coil. Thereby, these phenomenons affects cooling effect of refrigeration units for vans. The coil heat transfer rates become less and less because of the coil surrounded by more and more impurities. That’s the reason why we say cooling effect is not so good as it used to be. Therefore, cleaning is the key to ensuring the refrigerated van to work well.
2. Special attention should be paid when handling goods such as fruits and vegetables
If air circulation in van refrigerated body is obstructed, due to goods breathing heat such as fruits and vegetables, undoubtedly, the temperature’s rising in the middle of the body will affect products’ quality. Zhengzhou Guchen Industry refrigeration units technology research department points out that in case of the goods near air conditioner outlet easily suffered from frostbite, we had better previously cover with cloth on these goods for protection.
3. Loading goods must be finished as soon as possible
When the door of refrigerated van is opening, the outside hot air flows and this leads to interior temperature rising of freezer refrigerated van body. Therefore, loading of goods must be finished as soon as possible. When loading, please make sure the refrigeration units not working.
4. The smooth flow of air circulation is essential when loading or unloading the goods  
In case of blocking cooling air intakes and outlets and imbalance of temperature in refrigerated van body, goods are forbidden to stack near intakes and outlets. Besides, it is more better to leave some space between goods and van roof. 
5. Pre-cooling is necessary before loading and transporting
Refrigeration units are often used to adjust and keep proper temperature in transport process. So it is important and necessary that pre-cooling makes the temperature of goods and inner van body keep path with transport temperature requirements.
good quality van refrigeration units case
High quality refrigeration units application case

After more than 15 years’ journey of exploration and improvement, Guchen Industry has developed itself into a world leading manufacture and supplier of transport refrigeration units. If you woluld like to know more about prefessional guidance of using transport refrigeration units, there is another paper Recommendations for Using Refrigeration Units to be read.
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