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Export Success Story - Guchen PD-06 Air Conditioner Exported to Abroad

Jan 17, 2020

This year, Guchen is celebrating its 20th year in the bus air-conditioning industry. PD Series HVAC system, Guchen’s classic offering, is a direct driven rooftop air conditioner designed for coach tours and commercial buses up to 11.5m (or about 38ft) in length.

On June, 2019, Guchen Industry exported 24 sets of PD-06 HVAC bus systems to abroad. The heavy-duty climate control system can offer up to 111,000 Btu/hour (or 28,000 Kcal/h) cooling, and is also available with heating. The PD-06 includes brand-new brushless & wear-free centrifugal EBM blowers, fully integrated control panel, and Bock 4- or 6-cylinder compressors available.

GUCHEN bus air conditioner exporting to abroad

What makes a successful trading?
◆ The HVAC system’s simple in design and construction. It’s easy for our customer to install and operate it. The footprint of PD-06 is smaller than BD Series, which exactly satisfy our customer’s demand.

◆ PD-06 AC system saves energy. As air conditioner is the second biggest energy consumer component in a bus, the fuel consumption rate is most concerned issue of our customer. In view of this, Guchen seek to improve bus A/C designs to reduce fuel consumption without forfeiting passenger thermal comfort. PD Series bus air conditioner perfectly cater for it.

◆ Easy access components reduce the maintenance time when clearing or replacing the AC system spare parts.

PD-06 bus ac unit

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