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Bus Air Conditioning Parts

May 27, 2016
PDF Bus Air Conditioning Parts Catalogs

Bus Air Conditioner Parts Introduction

Bus Air Conditioning Parts are the same as coach air conditioning system, all included bus ac compressor, clutch, fan, blower, because whatever coach air con, school bus ac, they are belong to one transport air conditioning system for bus.
Bus Air Conditioning Parts
World brand coach / bus air conditioner parts for sales

User Benefits of Guchen Bus Air Conditioning Parts

● High quality, long service life.
● 2 year warranty
● Achieve CE/ISO 9000 international standard.
● Competitive factory price
● The largest bus air conditioning system manufacturer in China

Bus Air Conditioning Parts Series

A: Bus Aircon Compressor
→ Bock Compressor - Bock FK40, BOCK FK50 compressor
→ Bitzer Compressor -  
→ Valeo Compressor -  Valeo TM 21/31/43/55/65 series compressor

B: Bus air conditioner Compressor clutch
→ 2A2B 260*210
→ 2A2B 235*210
→ 10PK180
→ 2B 210
→ 2B 220 bus air conditioning compressor Clutch

C: Bus air conditioner fan / blower
GCZF283502 evaporator blower
GCZF283502 -- replace Spal's 006-B40-22 evaporation blower
GCLN 273107C -- replace Spal's VA01-B P70-VLL-79S condenser fan

School Bus Air Conditioner Parts
Guchen PD-IB bus air conditioner mainly install on the roof top of school buses, we provide all kinds of PD-IB bus air conditioner parts for your after sales service. from expansive valve to control panel.

City Bus Aircon Parts
BD City Bus Air Conditioning mainly install on the roof of BRT, city bus, articulated buses, all of city bus aircon parts we also provide ensure you have a good cooling performance run, without any influence your transport business.

Coach Air Conditioning Parts
Coach air conditioning parts is mainly supplies for guchen’s LD series product.

Carrier Bus Air Conditioning Parts
carrier bus air conditioner parts, such as Bock Compressor, clutch, fans, blowers etc., we also supplies for you according to your actually demanded.

Guchen Bus Air Conditioning Parts Supplies

Guchen as the leading OEM/ODM of bus air conditioning system, we provides you with top quality bus aircon parts ensure your air conditioning continues keep cooling, and keep the bus compartment with comfortable climate.
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