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Guchen BD-06 Model for 12m City Bus

Nov 12, 2021
BD-06 city bus air conditioner

The Importance of Fitting City Buses with a much Safer Air Conditioning System

The health of drivers and riders remains the key priority for operators of city/intercity buses, which becomes even more essential in the age of COVID-19. Alongside regular disinfection of grab handles & poles and general hygiene & distancing rules, there was an increasing focus on how to select best city bus air conditioner and best use it.
A quality bus a/c system, especially with fresh air setting, will greatly reduce the risk of drivers and passengers’ coronavirus infections while riding. The air conditioning system used in fresh-air model promises the air entering the passenger compartment and driver cab coming directly from the outside. Fresh and recirculated air can continuously ensure that their safety is maintained and improved.
Therefore, the government should raise their concerns about city bus air conditioning system safety and quality, to protect their people on their way home or work during the COVID-19 pandemic.


bd-06 city bus air conditioning system

Guchen BD-06 A/C System Best Fitting for 12m City Bus

The BD-06 model we will introduce today is a traditional bus ac system. It is one of the best selling models among all Guchen products. BD series bus air conditioners are recognized amongst overseas city bus factories/manufacturers in their sturdy structure, fuel efficiency, safety operation, cost effectiveness and innovation in technologies:
When selecting the air conditioning system for a bus, there are several main parameters that should be taken into consideration, such as bus length, passenger capacity, local ambient temperature and fuel consumption etc. Guchen BD-06 bus air conditioner is specially designed for 10m-12m city buses in high climate conditions countries and areas like Middle East no matter the outside weather conditions.
To meet the increasing demands for high reliability, comfort and long lifespan, BD-06 air conditioning system is designed considering substantial cooling capacity, resistant against vibrations and water-proof AC cover & connectors. The 32,000Kcal/h super large cooling capacity enables BD-06 provide a pleasant indoor climate for passengers and drivers for their entire journey in hot summer climate.


 12m city bus

Why Should You Choose Guchen Bus Air Conditioner?

Guchen Industry offers a wide range of energy-efficient bus AC units and spare parts that meet the increasing demands of global customers; from mini bus air conditioner and 13m coach a/c system, all-electric bus air conditioner and traditional ones, rooftop system and back mounted double decker bus ac, compressors and clutches. 
With an emphasis on quality, efficiency, customization, innovation and sustainability, Guchen seeks to provide best bus aircon solutions in a broad range of cooling capacities and dimensions available for a variety of bus applications.
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