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Heating and Cooling in Purely Electric Vehicles

Feb 24, 2021
As a necessary configuration for automobiles, air conditioning can solve the discomfort caused by environmental problems in winter and summer. With air conditioning, it will undoubtedly be able to drive the vehicle better, whether it is electric vehicles or traditional fuel vehicles.
Traditional air conditioning systems rely on internal combustion engines to drive compressor, so as to achieve heating and cooling inside the vehicle to maintain the most comfortable temperature of the human body. Electric vehicles are different with gasoline vehicles in structure, , which means that the air conditioning systems are also different with each other.

Here comes the question:

How do pure electric cars provide heat and cool?


1.There is no engine in EVs

The pure electric vehicle air conditioning system does not have an engine to drive the compressor on the structure. Therefore, it is impossible to directly adopt the solution of traditional automobile air conditioning system.

2.Heating of EVs could be achieved by high-voltage batteries

For electric vehicles, heating can be achieved through the high-voltage DC power supply and electric heat pump that comes with the vehicle, which means that, the high-voltage battery is used to supply power to the heat pump of the vehicle, then the heating of the vehicle is realized by forming warm air through the conversion of the heat pump.

3.Same cooling method with the fuel cars

In terms of cooling, it can be the same method as the fuel vehicles. The refrigeration system of the electric car air conditioner is basically the same as that of the traditional car. It mainly consists of an integrated electric compressor, condenser, expansion valve, evaporator and receiver drier etc. In addition, an air-conditioning driver for the electrical system is added.
Electric air conditioning compressor is driven by high-voltage electricity. The compressor controller is installed on the compressor and controlled by the vehicle control unit (VCU). When cooling is required, VCU will drive the compressor to achieve cooling function.
Electric air conditioning compressor

Electric vehicles have become an important means of transportation. Air-conditioning, cooling and heating is also an important part of our car selection when buying a car. After all, cooling and heating also require electricity.
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