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Top 5 Importance Parameters Determining the Performance of Transport Refrigeration System

Nov 23, 2021


1. Fast Pull-down

2. Precious Temperature Control

3. Fuel Saver

4. Longer Lifespan

5. Higher Intelligence


There are many transport refrigeration units (shorten as TRU) brands (Thermo King, Carrier, Guchen Thermo etc.) on the market, with similar appearance and usage, but with very different performance and quality. How to evaluate the performance of refrigeration system? What parameters will determine their reliability. Guchen Thermo concludes the top 5 most important factors that will affect the quality and performance of a transport refrigeration system.

Faster pre-cooling + More precise temperature control + More fuel saving + Longer operational life span + Higher intelligence = Higher Performance TRU

As a must-have equipment for cold chain transportation such as food transport, logistics storage, medicine carry, fresh & frozen products delivery, the transport refrigeration system plays an essential role in proper temperature control in cold storage sector. Therefore, features like fast pull-down time, accurate temperature control and long service life, are basic performance requirements for a TRU.
Besides that, with the practice and application of information technologies, such as Internet Plus, Big Data, blockchain, the development and upgrading of vehicle refrigeration units is oriented towards more smart and intelligent. Therefore, in the near future, we will see the high intelligence will be one of the most important parameters determining the performance of TRU.

fast pull down transport refrigeration unit

1. Fast Pull-down

◆ Pull-down period: Prior to loading, the operator should set the temperature set point (for example 0℃) of the TRU first, then turn on the truck refrigeration unit and left it to operate until the set temperature (0℃) is reached. The time to achieve this cooling is called as the pull-down period.

◆ What affects pull-down time?
The main factors like efficiency of insulation, refrigerant storage, and performance of TRU, are correlated to the pull-down times. The shortage of refrigerant will cause very slow pull-down. A poor-performance reefer system will also cause longer pre-cooling time.
A truck refrigeration unit must have sufficient heat extraction capacity.

◆ The disadvantages of slow pull down
In a direct drive refrigeration system, the increased pull-down time will definitely increase the compressor operating time and vehicle engine running time. It is a waste of energy, time, and engine lifespan.

◆ How to make the reefer unit cool fast?
The refrigeration unit spare parts jointly determine the system’s cooling effect, so the configuration of each part does matters. All the core components and accessories of the Guchen Thermo refrigeration system are branded products with guaranteed performance & quality. It ensures the rapid cooling of the refrigeration unit.
PS: refrigerant quality and storage also have an impact on the pull-down time. It is also an important parameter you should take into consideration when selecting TRU.
Pull-down time is a common indicator used to evaluate the performance and efficiency of transport refrigeration systems in international standard. But it’s not the only one.

precise temperature control of truck refrigeration system

2. Precise Temperature Control

The primary objection of any refrigeration system is to achieve the desired product temperature to keep them in the best possible condition. A successful refrigerated road transport should be able to ensure cargoes being handled, delivered and monitored effectively to meet the clients’ requirements.

◆ Why is temperature control important?
Different foods are with different refrigerant requirements. Keeping foods at a proper temperature can prevent dangerous contamination and from decreasing their quality. It is one of the most important things to food loaders, handlers and deliverers. If the refrigerated truck compartment lacks adequate mechanical refrigeration, the inside temperature and humidity level will change, absolutely affecting the quality and shelf life of consumables.

◆ What system can be considered as a good performance unit?
A quality truck refrigeration unit should be able to consistently maintain precise temperature control. It is essential in ensuring that the products are kept at safe temperatures. As an important parameter determining the performance of TRU, precise temperature control reduces financial losses and ensures consumer safety.
Guchen Thermo refrigeration systems were designed to provide a very accurate refrigerated product temperature control while minimizing the risk of product loss. We offer multi-temperature refrigeration units for customers to accurately monitor and control different truck compartment temperature and humidity.
Choosing the most reliable vehicle refrigeration unit at accurate temperature control is crucial to your business

fuel saving truck refrigeration unit

3. Fuel Saver

Electrification of truck refrigeration unit benefits our environment and economy a lot. That is why we always recommend customers to select electric standby unit as an alternative to engine idling. However, though electrification promises considerable benefits for businesses and society, adoption and utilization of Electric TRUs and standby system in the global is slow.
Engine powered TRUs still earn more popularity in mainstream, so fuel saving is one of the important parameters determining the performance of transport refrigeration system.

◆ What system can be considered as a energy-saver?
A well-matched system: Both under- and over-specified refrigeration unit can result in an increase in fuel consumption. When it comes to your choice of refrigeration unit, accurately matching your vehicle’s needs is the most important part of equipment selection. You must be prepared to provide a range of essential information like required cargo temperature, body volume, and ambient temperature to help the provider well understand your specific requirement and match the correct equipment model.
The next-generation system: a next-generation refrigeration unit stands for the manufacturer’s latest innovation, development and breakthrough in product design, quality, equipment performance and energy efficiency. Generally speaking, the next-generation system is more fuel efficient compared to previous generations.
Installing fuel-saving mechanical refrigeration system guarantee maximum fuel efficiency and lowest operation expenses in order to improve profitability in your business.

long service life of truck refrigeration unit

4. Longer Lifespan

The quality of spare parts (compressor, condenser, expansion valve and evaporator etc.) and their configuration directly affect the service life of the whole system. Among them, transport refrigeration compressor is the power of the refrigeration cycle. It is the heart of the whole equipment, and has the greatest impact on the lifespan of the refrigeration unit.
Guchen Thermo suggestion: When purchasing refrigeration units, pay more attention to the design life cycle and performance quality of the compressor.

transport refrigeration system high intelligence

5. Higher Intelligence

Under the penetration of Internet technology, traditional refrigeration systems will gradually be upgraded to digital ones. When purchasing refrigeration units, you should be inclined to select manufacturers that master the key technologies for equipment R&D and production. The spare parts supplied by these manufacturers are all taken from high-quality brands, with guaranteed performance, long service life and high cooling effect.
In addition, professional providers have a more comprehensive service system. You do not need to worry about post-sale problems.
Guchen Thermo has focused on the development of refrigerated vehicle refrigeration units for 20 years. Strict quality inspection procedures are applied to ensure that each equipment is of excellent quality. We are dedicated to provide smarter transport refrigeration systems.
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