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Guchen All electric Bus Aircon VS Spheros 24V Air conditioner

May 09, 2016
Appealing to environmental friendly, Guchen Industry designs a new energy bus air conditioner, which is our all electric bus air conditioner also can used for trolleybus and tramways. 
We know the famous company Spheros also has electrical bus air conditioner. So what is the difference between the two? Today we make a comparison between Guchen’s ES-05 All electric Bus Air Conditioner (abbreviated to ES-05 in the following passage) and Spheros REVO-E air conditioner for e-bus. 
Also, compared with Spheros electric bus air conditioner (model: REVO-E), Guchen improves electric bus aircon from following aspects: weight, inner materials and structures, double systems.


Guchen's ES-05 Electric Bus Air Conditioner & Spheros REVO-E Similar Features

✔ Installing in 10-12 m all-electrical buses, hybrid buses, tramways, and trolleybuses
✔ Rooftop Mounted
all electric bus air conditioner
Guchen pure electric bus air conditioner installation in 12m bus

Guchen's ES-05 Electric Bus Air Conditioner VS. Spheros REVO-E


1. 200 Kg Weight Guchen ES-05 electric bus aircon VS. 250 Kg Spheros REVO-E

◆ The weight of Guchen’s ES-05 compressor: 7.5 Kg; 
  Total weight: less than 200 Kg; 
◆ The weight of Sheros REVO-E compressor: 56 Kg; 
      Total weight: 250 Kg.  
guchen electric bus ac compressor
guchen's electric air conditioning compressor (left) and shoeros' compressor (right)
With the lighter weight of bus air conditioner, Guchen's trolleybus air conditioner can decrease the power consumption. 
After testing in laboratory, the power consumption results as following:
◆ Guchen ES-05 power consumption: 8.0KW
◆ Shoeros REVO-E power consumption: 9.3kw (most time is over 10kw!). 
As for its appearance: 
◆ Guchen dimension: 2750x1920x285, looking compact. 
◆ Spheros dimension: 2800x2091x370, very high. 

2. Copper pipe and Aluminum Fin VS. Al-pipe and Aluminum fin condenser & evaporator 

guchen's hydrophilic aluminum fins evaporators
guchen's hydrophilic aluminum fins evaporators

spheros aluminum fin evaporator
spheros aluminum fin evaporator 

◆ Guchen's Copper pipe and Aluminum Fin: increasing the cooling effect, better corrosion resistance, long lifespan (over 20 years lifespan). The inner side uses screw thread copper tube, adding refrigerant staying time, maximizing cooling effect.  
◆ Sheros REVO-E aluminum pipe and aluminum fin: although the manufacture cost is decreased, the aluminum is not good at corrosion resistance, so the lifespan is reduced to 10 years, because in the nearby sea cities and heavy snow cities, it is easy to damage by salt-spray (nearby the sea place) and snow-melting agent in winter (it is not good advantage for nearby sea cities and heavy snow cities). 

3. 30KW Cooling Capacity VS. 25KW Cooling Capacity

▼ Guchen ES-05 cooling capacity is 30KW
▼ Sheros REVO-E cooling capacity is 25KW 

4. Double System: Cooling and Heating VS. Single Cooling system

◆ Guchen’s all electric bus air conditioning uses double system: cooling and heating system: more using-friendly, looking compact in the bus. 
◆ Sheros REVO-E electric bus aircon uses single cooling system: heating system is independent heating, need to add one fuel oil heater to offer heat. (So it is not completely electric and not zero discharge).What’s more, adding one fuel oil heater can take up more space, which makes the bus look uncompact. 


Other Features of Guchen All Electric Bus Air Conditioner

1. DC Brushless fan motors, long life, low noise. Germany EBM Blower is Optional. 
2. CAN Control System, less wiring & easy vehicle integration. Digital Control panel, so it can display the fault codes.
3. Condenser Fan 3 speed, And Blower 7 speed. 
4. One piece unit, housing and cover are made of fiberglass reinforced plastic which is made by mould pressing technology; ensure that the emissions of harmful substances are below the national standard. (The fiberglass plastic is made up of SMC material and LFT material, degradable materials for environmental protection and good corrosion residence).  
 SMC cover and SMC housing
SMC cover(left) and SMC housing (right) 
5. High capacity energy efficient R407C refrigerant with low charge volume, just3.6kg. 
6. Electronic expansion Danfoss valve can be precise to control the flow of refrigerant. 


Why Choosing Guchen Air Conditioner for All E-bus? 

1. Bus air conditioning spare parts are from well-known brands, such as BITZER, Bock, Valeo, Danfoss, and SPAL. 
2. Quick delivery time: our delivery time only needs 2-3weeks. 
3. Two-year guarantee period and offer spare parts freely during period time if the order is up to 5 sets. 
4. Specialized and experienced in exporting bus air conditioners: Our Sales for all electric bus air conditioning is over 20000 sets in the past three years.


Guchen Air Conditioner for All E-Bus Picture Details

testing center
PHOTO: Guchen testing center laboratory 

guchen bus air conditioner loading and packing
PHOTO: guchen's all electric bus air conditioner loading and packing
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